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The Revival - Halloween Party - 27th October

SimonX – Halloween Parties

The Revival - Halloween Party - 27th October

Are you looking for a great Halloween Party?

If not..why not.. Halloween can be a great time of year, whether you are trick and treating with your children, friends or going out to a fancy dress party.

We always love to have a great time with friends.

This year, with Fresh And On Point we’re supporting a number of Halloween Parties all over the world from The Bloodlust Ball to The Revival

Check out The Revival here now => http://the90srevival.eventbrite.com/

Simon X

5* Private Hotel in Belize

Just had an interesting call.. Simon X has an amazing opportunity.

We have the land in Belize.

We have the blueprints.

We have the “genius” to run it.

Our own 5* private hotel in Belize.

Sounds great.

The project will be raising fro £500k-1m to properly capitalise not just this one property but others creating a chain.

Exciting idea.

Even better from start to first reservation.. c. 1month..

We love Belize.

If you want more details, to reserve your place at our launch party, to get on board, get in touch. HNW / VIPs only.

Simon X

Simon X

Olympics 2012

The fastest man in the world of 100m.. Usain Bolt sets a new Olympic Record,

The women’s marathon the same despite the rain and expected London / English weather.

A great inspiration …

So it’s time to go back to the beginning.

Ten years ago we were ready..

Decades of training with elite martial artists, fitness and mindset masters.

It’s time to go back to the beginning.

This is not “sport”

It’s life.

Lets play…

Simon X

Simon X

It’s time to start a new game said Simon..

With that Simon X called up the inner circle society…

The night was young and much fun was to be had..

Let’s start….